Robots learn to march / spell, still not capable of love

Энэ ёстой багаар яаж ажиллахыг харуулдаг роботууд байна даа. Роботууд ихэвчлэн өөрийнхөө л байрлал, хөдөлгөөнийг хянадаг арай сайжирсан нь орчноо мэдэрдэг бол, Энэ бусадтайгаа мэдээлэл солилцож хөдөлгөөнөө хамтран зохицуулдаг юм байна. Яг л байрлалаа эзэлж буй цэргүүд шиг. Тулалдааны талбарт цэргүүд эгнээ барих гэж байдагдаа. Нэг нэгнээ нөхдөг..яг тэрээ тэр. Here’s hoping there’s more than a few military-style marches standing between us and a complete robotic takeover. If not, we’ve got some dire news: these are not simply miniature Roombas as they may appear, but 15 so-called Khepera bots capable of spelling out GRITS (for Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems) to demonstrate grad student Edward Macdonald’s Master’s thesis for the department.

The diminutive robots aren’t told where to go in the letters — instead, they determine their spots via a control algorithm, positioning themselves relative to their fellow rolling machines, so that if one is removed from the equation, they quickly reform the letter without it. Fortunately, they haven’t learned to spell “KILL.” Yet. Get to know your new robotic overlords a little bit better in the video after the break.


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