Windows XP Dooosha V.3 SP3 32 Bit SATA 2010 татах | 690 MB

Шинээр засагдсан  Windows XP, 2010 оны 3 сарын шинэчлэлтэйгээр нь  татаж авна уу. Ер нь хэрэгтэй гэсэн жижиг програмууд дотроо суугдсан юм гэнээ!, Нилээд найдвартай , хүчирхэг бас хурдан OS. Төрөл бүрийн гоё ханын цаас болон icon ууд нэмэгдсэн. Цонхнууд нь шинэ загвартай бас Sound нь дажгүй.

Only install this edition of Windows onto a freshly formatted partition

– Help and support files
– Wallpapers and backgrounds {Replaced}
– Windows Sounds {Replaced}
– Old Windows Themes {Replaced}
– Old Windows Cursors


– All latest microsoft sp3 hotfixes till Mar 2010
– Internet Explorer 8
– Media Player 11
– Flash player 10
– JAVA 6.20
– Direct x9
– Net Framework SP1 Final
– Net Framework SP2 Final
– Windows 7 sidebar


– CCleaner 2.3.1
– K-Lite Mega codec pack 5.9.5
– klcp_update_596_20100514
– AIMP2 mp3 player 2
– Winrar Corporat 9.3
– Internet Download Manager 5.19.2
– Mozilla Firefox 3.6


– All latest hotfixes integrated till this moment
– More speed while browsing internet and network computers
– New programs has been added with the latest versions
– More useful registry tweaks
– Faster connection speed has been unlocked
– Annoying windows error message has been disabled
– windows file protection has been disabled
– New beautiful background wallpapers
– New style icons and themes
– New boot screen and logon screen and much more


1. Download and unrar.
2. Use image burn method to burn ISO file to disc.
3. Use disc to boot up computer and use fresh installation.







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